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Click on these files to download a Parish Newsletter.  These are funded by the Parish Council and a new edition produce every six weeks (approx).  Hardcopies are delivered to every household in the parish by a team of volunteers and a pdf version attached to this webpage including archived issues as far as possible.

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007_Nov_2009_Newsletter.pdf (361.1 KB)  006_August_2009_Newsletter.pdf (273.6 KB)  004_March_2009_Newsletter.pdf (482.9 KB)  003_Jan_2009_Newsletter.pdf (46.3 KB)  008_February_2010.pdf (287.2 KB)  April_10_Newsletter.pdf (229.8 KB)  009_March_2010.pdf (352.9 KB)  008_Oct_2012.pdf (1.8 MB)  004_May_2012_Newlsletter.pdf (930.4 KB)  013_December_2010.pdf (371 KB)  011_July_2010.pdf (310.2 KB)  012_October_2010.pdf (279.4 KB)  001_Jan_2011.pdf (247.7 KB)  007_Sept_2012.pdf (1.8 MB)  002_March_2011.pdf (311.6 KB)  006_July_2012_summer_supplement.pdf (1.1 MB)  004_August_2011.pdf (277.4 KB)  005_Nov_Dec_11_1_.pdf (343 KB)  001_Jan_Feb_2012_Newlsletter.pdf (557.2 KB)  002_Feb_Mar_2012_Newlsletter.pdf (687.3 KB)  003_Mar_April_2012_Newlsletter.pdf (659.9 KB)

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