1. Planning Consultions

Parish Council Planning Consultations

Planning decisions are made by South Somerset District Council (SSDC) or, in the case of schools, by Somerset County Council (SCC). Compton Dundon Parish Council is a statutory consultee and as such is given the opportunity to make recommendations on planning applications arising in the parish; it is our policy to do so on every planning application. Decision of the Parish Council is reached by majority vote and will be either to “recommend approval” or to “recommend refusal” with each recommendation supported with reasons and comments when appropriate. These recommendations are then taken into account by SSDC along with comments from other statutory consultees e.g. Highways Authorities.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

All Parish Councillors are bound by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council. This requires Councillors to declare any “Interests” which could compromise their impartiality in the decision-making process. Interests are classified as “Personal” or “Prejudicial” which are defined in the Code of Conduct along with the appropriate procedure to follow. In short, a Councillor with a “Personal” must declare it but may take part in the following debate and decision-making; a Councillor with a “Prejudicial Interest” must declare it and leave the room when the debate and decision-making is in progress but, under present legislation, may speak (not debate) before leaving the room.

Public Notification

Residents are informed of planning applications that are to be considered by the Parish Council as follows:
1. Notice boards: Details of all applications will be on the agenda which is made public with three clear days notice. The Parish Council meet on the first Wednesday of every month and therefore the notices will be on the notice boards before midnight on the previous Friday at the latest (and earlier if there are Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas breaks intervening).
2. Website: Agendas will be on this website in the same timescale as notice boards.
3. Email notification: Residents wishing to be notified by email should inform the Clerk. They will then receive an email in the same timescale as notice boards with the agenda attached.

Public Participation

SSDC notify immediate neighbours of a property subject to a planning applications to give them an opportunity to make comments and observations direct to Planning Case Officer at SSDC. This can be done online or by post. In addition, residents are given the opportunity to speak at the Parish Council meeting starting at 7pm in the Public Participation timeslot. A time limit of 3 minutes per speaker is normally observed.

Public Information

Recommendations made by the Parish Council and all other consultees will be available for public inspection at the District Council offices at Petters Way or via the SSDC website (the latter is described in greater detail below under the heading Planning Search Facility).

2. Planning Explained

Click here to find a comprehensive explanation of the planning system.

3. SSDC Planning Search Facility

Click here to view current and archived details of planning applications in South Somerset District.  You will see the South Somerset District Council webpage entitled Planning Search.  Click on Advance Search and look for the row entited “Parish:“click on the drop-down menu and select “Compton Dundon” or other parish required. Then click on “search” and you will see details of all planning applications in the parish (Compton Dundon and Littleton) selected dating from year 1998 to present.  For further information hover your curser over the application of interest, then left click and you will see a new window entitled “Full Details” with tabs for the following information:

Details: Such as Status, Ward, Case Officer, Decision and Appeal Status.

Dates: Contains all the target dates.

Application Agent details: Agents name plus the name and address of the applicant.

Documents: Details of comments form Statutory Consultees including the recommendation of the Parish Council.

Map: A detailed location map.

Comments: This is a form where members of the public can make comments about the application (assuming the application is current).