Annual Parish Meeting

The next parish meeting

The next meeting is on 7th May 2014 starting at 6pm at the Meadway Hall, Ham Lane, Compton Dundon.  The Agenda will soon be available.

Parish or Town meetings

Every English Parish must have a Parish Meeting.  All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting between the dates of 1st March and 1st June (inclusive). This is not a Council meeting but a meeting of registered electors.

Frqently Asked Questions

Is a Parish Meeting the same as a Council meeting? No. Although a Parish meeting is convened, chaired and minuted by the Parish Council, it is not a Parish Council meeting but a meeting of registered electors (including councillors who are registered electors).

What is the purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting? – The purpose is to enable the registered electors to discuss parish affairs and to pass resolutions thereon. This meeting is also an opportunity for the Parish Council (and higher tiers of local governement) and community group leaders to explain their activities over the last year.

Who can attend the meeting? – Anyone may attend but only registered electors in the parish (i.e. of Compton Dundon and Littleton) may speak and vote.

Will I be able to ask questions and make resolutions? – Yes, any registered elector may ask questions of the Council.  These will usually be answered by the chairman or by the Parish Clerk or a designated Councillor.   An elector may also make suggestions and comment on parish issues and propose resolutions. Resolutions relating to allotments are legally binding but all others are persuasive only, but will be considered by the Parish Council at their meetings.

Who will chair the meeting? – The Chairman of the Parish Council must chair the meeting, if present. In his absence the vice chairman must preside if present. If neither is able to attend, then the meeting will elect a chairman from those electors present.

Will Parish Councillors be there? – Although there is no compulsion, Councillors normally attend. They will speak if required, but the purpose of the meeting is to enable the ordinary electors to have their say.  Councillors will listen with interest and as electors themselves, also have the opportunity to raise questions and make comments if they wish.

Will notes be taken of the meeting? – Yes, a written record of the meeting will be taken by the Parish Clerk kept in a special book. The rules on the signature and admissibility of minutes are the same as those for Parish Council meetings.

How long will the meeting last? – As long as need be within reason.   It really depends on those present and the number of questions and the discussion that is raised.  Generally, the meeting will last no longer than 2 hours.

Will the Press be there? – A table will be provided for the local press as the Council do for all their public meetings.