Principal Councils

South Somerset District Council (SSDC)

South Somerset District Council (SSDC)

Why should you know about what the District council does?
Your District Council is in charge of your local area – it decides where things are built and what facilities (like swimming pools) to provide.
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Your District Council is also in charge of the following things:
  • Planning where new houses and businesses should go
  • Looking after play areas and parks
  • Looking after the countryside and country parks (like Ham Hill and Ninesprings)
  • Helping to make your neighbourhood safe from crime
  • Supporting and advising businesses
  • The council owns a lot of sports centres, a theatre and a museum
  • Protecting the environment from pollution
  • Running Yeovil crematorium
  • Running elections
  • Making sure that restaurants and pubs are clean and safe for us to eat in
  • Collecting your recycling
  • Dealing with pests like fleas and rats
  • Removing abandoned or burnt out cars from your
  • Helping volunteers and community groups
  • Helping people who need housing
  • Helping people who cannot work
  • Providing activities for children and young people in school holidays
  • Making roundabouts and roadsides attractive
  • Helping people stay active and healthy
  • Investigating complaints of noisy neighbours
  • Looking after public toilets and car parks
  • Looking after footpaths and bridleways

Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council

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Economic development
Heritage, Libraries, Arts, Leisure and Active Living
Support for the voluntary sector
Adult social care and support services – for older people, adults with physical disabilities and/or sensory loss and adults with learning disabilities
Helping vulnerable adults to stay safe from abuse
Resources Directorate
The Resources Directorate mainly provides support to other Somerset County Council services, rather than providing services directly to residents and businesses.
Finance and Property
  • Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • Client Services
  • Community Leadership and Improvement
  • Legal Services
  • Environment Directorate
  • Accessible Transport
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Bridges and Structures Management
  • Concessionary Fares
  • Countryside and Coast
  • Development Engineering
  • Driver Training
  • Emergency Planning
  • Gypsy and Traveller Services
  • Highways Development Control
  • Highway Lighting
  • Highway Management and Maintenance
  • Local Schemes Engineering
  • Local Transport Plan delivery
  • Major Energy Development
  • Major Road Schemes
  • Minerals and Waste Planning
  • Public Transport
  • Rights of Way
  • Road Records and Licensing
  • Road Safety
  • School Transport
  • Scientific Services
  • Social Care and Health Care Transport
  • Spatial Planning
  • Sustainable Development
  • Trading Standards
  • Traffic Management
  • Transport Policy
Children and Young People Directorate
Support for children and young people.